Flipboard... one of our Favorite Apps

Would you like to have a magazine that is made up of all your social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and news articles that are important to you? Wouldn't it be cool if the content would auto update from the web? Check out Flipboard ( ) Btw, we get a lot of our tech news from this app. It is one of our favorite iPad apps. If you have tablet, Flipboard is a must! -Chuck

Free Microsoft eBooks... Get the good stuff

Microsoft is giving away FREE relevant eBooks.  What do I mean by relevant?  Current technology... not the old stuff no one uses...  : )

Some of the topics include Windows 7, Winodws 7 Phone programing, Windows Server 2012, SQL 2012, etc.

Worth the time to take a look and grab some free knowledge.

Here is the link: